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Everything Bags Inc. is owned by Neha, a wife and a mother. At Everything Bags Inc., we want to create a movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle by changing the way the world uses bags every day. Our dream is to help the environment through our biodegradable and naturally organic jute bags.

We deeply desire to be a catalyst of change for shifting the mindset towards using sustainable and environmentally friendly products. A simple shift in how consumers think about bags can lead to a profound impact on the environment for generations to come. Although our bags have a serious mission, the designs and colors of our eco-friendly bags are playful and fun.


We are rooted in female empowerment and family heritage.

Neha wanted to develop a company that spoke to what’s most important to her: social responsibility in protecting the environment along with preserving her heritage. Like Jute, Neha is strong and watchful of her carbon footprint. She has created a company that is fully invested in helping change the world one bag at a time.

Our bags are made of Jute, which is grown mostly in Neha’s home country in India. The climate conditions allow the plant to thrive. Creating a fun and sustainable product was important, but there is an even deeper connection because this plant is grown so close to the owner’s home.


Making a difference in the world is our priority. We want to accomplish this by designing eco-friendly bags that move and excite people.

Americans use more than 100 billion plastic bags each year, more than 300 bags per person. The manufacturing process for plastic bags takes a huge toll on the environment. The process of recycling these products is costly, timely and complicated. Everything Bags Inc. creates sustainable, reusable bags that provide long-term value for both customers and the environment.

Social responsibility is serious business, but our bags are pure fun. Everything Bags are flirty and whimsical. They’re playful. The appeal of the bag goes beyond being biodegradable or naturally organic. We want to make a difference one fun bag at a time.


Like Everything Bags, Jute gives back to the Earth and does as little harm as possible in the process.

Jute (also known as Burlap) is becoming known worldwide as a premier material for creating all kinds of eco-friendly products. This material is special for many reasons. For one, it is one of the rare materials that are naturally organic, reusable, recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable. Secondly, the carbon footprint of Jute is very low. Jute has natural UV protection that grows without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Jute isn’t simply a material that limits its carbon footprint. It is a material that gives back to the earth. The crop cycle is fairly short. Because of the crop’s heavy reliance on rainfall, harvesting the crop actually enhances the soil. This allows other crops, or more Jute to grow and flourish in the same area.

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Everything Bags Inc. bags are manufactured in India from a trusted partner that has been a pioneer in handicrafts items since 1974. Like us, our manufacturer is also deeply committed to preserving and helping both the community it serves and the environment.

  • They adhere to a strict fair trading policy
  • Fair working conditions and treatment of labor is of utmost importance
  • They are completely invested in maintaining high standards for production equipment, raw materials and labor
  • The ink used on these jute bags are water based and 100% azo free
  • Their factory is state of the art, and their modern equipment allows them to manufacture products quickly and efficiently


Fair trade policy is of utmost importance to us and to our partner vendor. We recognize our responsibilities towards the working conditions under which our products are made. We understand that the workers working for us are equally important to us like our customers. This makes sure that our bags are manufactured ethically by workers who are paid fair wages and treated well without any child labor.

Reusable bags manufactured ethically
Jute bags sewn at manufacturing site of Everything Bags Inc.
Colorful jute material sheet rolls to create eco-friendly burlap bags
Reusable burlap bags being packed at the manufacturing site