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12 Quirky Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Greenoholics

Eco-friendly gift ideas

Being green doesn’t have to be beige and boring. To tell the truth, ecophiles have an innate quirky personality trait which reflects in their lifestyle. And, as the world is going stylishly green, a lot of eco-friendly alternatives are laid on their table offering a perfect blend of style and sustainability.

Here’s a curated list of eco-friendly products for idiosyncratic nature-lovers who love being unique!

eco-friendly wooden card

A whimsical card for the green thumbs! Celebrate the special day of your loved one with this wonderful keepsake. The simplicity and elegance of this piece of art will last forever.

Featuring a cute little succulent and an inspiring message, this unique design is hand-crafted and laser cut onto sustainable wood. The timeless charm of this card will be treasured forever, just like your cherished memories.

Reusable notebook

The best of both worlds for the eco-conscious nerds! You will never be out of pages with this notebook. Rocketbook offers an everlasting pen and paper experience in the digital age. Just scribble down your writings in the notebook with Pilot FriXion ink and sync the pages you’d like to capture with Rocketbook app. Once done, wipe the page clean with moist cloth and-bam!-you’ve got yourself a notebook that looks brand new.

Black canvas tote bag with Earth warrior print

Sustainable, stylish, sturdy – a perfect bag for earth warriors!
Whether it’s for shopping, daily errands, or some weekend fun, carry all your must-haves in this inspiring tote while you’re out seizing the day.
Made with natural plant-based fibers, its chic design blends with any outfit and occasion. Additionally, it is lightweight and comes with a small pocket inside for better assortment.
This tote is a wardrobe essential that will definitely up your green game!

Eco-friendly portable bluetooth speakers

The sustainably crafted portable Bluetooth speakers offer a deeper and meaningful musical experience. Built using materials, like bamboo, recyclable aluminum, and FSC certified wood, that are mindfully sourced, the House of Marley speakers offer superior sound quality with powerful bass. Additionally, by purchasing these speakers, you will support the reforestation initiative taken up by the brand.

Eco-friendly geometric wooden planters

These geometric wooden planters will add a touch of modernity to your interiors. They are printed in 3D wood specifically for succulents and cacti. The best thing about these planters-apart from the smell of raw wood-is that you can put your pots directly inside them.

The entire design is sustainable and composed using biodegradable materials: recycled wood and bioplastic made from corn. They add a fresh look to any backdrop and make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Portable solar charger

Travel buffs will go gaga over this one! Solar charger offers the most nature-loving hack to charge your phone on the go. The gadget taps into limitless power of the sun for charging the battery while you’re enjoying outdoor hiking adventures. With enough direct sunlight, the charger provides fastest possible charging speed (up to 2.1 amps).

No more fretting over phone battery while exploring nature as the gadget is incredibly durable and super lightweight to carry.

Eco-friendly wooden necklace

“Those that can’t be tamed will forever be a wild spirit.”

Spread positive vibes while pulling off the eco-chic look with this necklace. This piece of peace is a unique work of art. The design is handmade and comes with a custom wooden display stand. Wearing it around your neck will definitely convey the message of peace and sustainability. Additionally, you get to fulfill your social responsibility with the purchase, as for every product sold, one tree is planted.

sustainable phone case

A meticulous design that gives back to nature! The Pela Case will protect your phone AND the planet. Made from Flax Shive and plant-based biopolymer, the case is 100% compostable and durable. The base material has a lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic. A striking quality of this phone case is that it can be left to biodegrade in a home composting environment.

Wine therapy burlap wine bag

What could be a better gift than eco-conscious wine therapy? Just wine a bit, and you’ll feel better in a jiff.
This rustic wine bag is designed for those who love wine and nature alike! The bag is crafted ethically with 100% eco-friendly fiber: jute or burlap. You can comfortably carry a wine bottle in it with cane handles. Moreover, the ink used for printing is water-based and azo-free.
An equally sustainable and sassy gift for wine lovers!

Reusable collapsible straw

The most badass straw that will last you a lifetime. Finalstraw is completely reusable and is made ethically using Orca tears, octopus toenails, mermaid love, and stainless steel. The case of the straw is made from reusable plastic. Designed to suck responsibly, the product comes with a folding straw, drying rack, case, and a cleaning squeegee.

Get rid of single-use plastic with this clean, compact, and convenient alternative.

eco-friendly wooden sunglasses

This one-of-a-kind frame is ethically designed to stand out. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, the Grove features a perfect mix of materials.

A unique quote is engraved on the inside arm to subtly highlight the quirkiness of the design. The sunglasses are water and sweat resistant. The lenses not only offer right balance of clarity and color but also enhance the environment and landscape.

Wearing these sunglasses will definitely make a bold and green fashion statement!

Eco-friendly bamboo cutlery set

Whether it’s parties, barbeques, hikes, school lunches, or everyday meals, this reusable cutlery set is convenient to use on any occasion. Made from good quality and non-toxic bamboo, the utensils are designed to last long. The set is quite easy to carry around and takes up just a little place. The bag for storing the utensils is made using recyclable and washable cloth. The compactness and utility of this eco-friendly cutlery set makes it widely favored among socially responsible consumers.

Which item tops your list of fave eco-friendly products? Share with us in the comments section below.

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