Jam Jar Gift Bags

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Showcase your favorite seasonal delicacies, gift jars, candles, or any other bottled item in our rustic and sturdy jute jar bags. Our designs come with a window at the front offering a glimpse of the gift or product label inside. They are perfect for gifting!

Sturdy & Long Lasting Designs

Our bags not only look appealing but also last long. They are ethically manufactured using premium quality natural fiber: jute or burlap. It is plant-based, reusable, and gives back to the planet.

Beyond the rustic look, our jam jar gift bags offer strength & comfort to carry heavy bottles with ease. Their insides are laminated for spill protection and durability. Additionally, we provide separators to ensure the bottles stay upright and secured from any kind of damage.

Order Jute Jar Bags Wholesale

We accept wholesale and bulk orders at reasonable pricing. At present, we offer 2-bottle and 3-bottle bags in a variety of color options. In case the current sizes don’t work for your bottle or jar, we can customize the design to fit your products comfortably in the bag.
Moreover, we can add your logo or any other print to the design for personalization. Kindly contact us directly for the same.