SKU: EBI-TB-5030.

Unalome Spiritual Tote Bag


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 FREE return within 2 weeks* Each bag is sustainably made using water based Azo-free ink at our socially & ethically compliant facility.
sustainability quotientBiodegradable, naturally organic, and plant-based fiber
inkWater based and 100% azo-free ink used for printing
handleComfortable padded handle
easy to cleanYou can easily wipe clean the insides of bag
pocket patternSmall pocket is provided at the front
printFront side
dimensions13 x 8 x 18 in

This spiritual tote features Lotus and Unalome — a symbol of enlightenment. Its design is inspired by the spiritual journey I have taken over the last year. 

This bag is a reminder to find and be your true self no matter where you go. Plus, its rustic design is handy as you want it to be! From shopping routine to beach trips, this all-purpose tote can comfortably hold everything you need on your day out. 

The classic shades of beige & white add a soothing tone to the overall look. Snag for yourself or gift this tote to the special lady in your life.

All the Space You Need (and some more)

This versatile & spacious design is the perfect carryall for women. It comes with a small pocket at front to stuff your keys, phone, wallet, or other tiny items.

You can use this roomy and large tote bag for work, shopping, yoga, travel, or weekend escapades - basically wherever you step out.

Amazingly Lightweight & Durable

This tote is thoughtfully designed for women who are on the go! It is durable yet feels amazingly light on the shoulders. You can hold all the must-haves (even the heavy ones) with ease.

Spill-Proof Design

The insides of this bag are laminated for moisture and spill protection. The water-resistant lining also enhances the strength and structure of the tote.

Sustainably Crafted with Love

This bag is ethically handcrafted by our passionate team of artisans at SEDEX certified site. We source natural plant-based fiber that leaves a minimum carbon footprint behind. It is reusable, biodegradable, and lasts long. 

Moreover, the ink used for printing this chic design is 100% water-based and Azo-free. From sourcing raw materials to stitching and packaging, we strive to make our bags as earth-friendly as they can be!