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Why Reusable Bags are All the Rage in America

Why Reusable Bags are All the Rage in America

There’s an ongoing war between plastic and reusable bags for decades. We in America have been extensively using plastic bags in our day-to-day life, until now.
In recent years, several cities and states across the country have been imposed with single-use plastic bag bans or levied with heavy taxes by the local government. This upsurge has paved the way for reusable bags, thus, marking the end of America’s love affair with plastic bags.

The Threat of Plastic

While many Americans have jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon, some are still skeptic considering the convenience single-use plastic bag offers. And, why not!

Going out for grocery shopping but forgot to bring along your fabric bag? Light-weight plastic bag comes to the rescue!

While these use-and-throw bags are darn handy and easy to use, there’s a reason why the government is relentlessly calling for stricter measures to minimize their use and promote reusable bags.

Threat of plastic to environment

The typical lifespan of a plastic bag is 12 minutes – from filling it with groceries at the store to discarding it later. Comparing it with the average decomposition time being somewhere between 10-1000 years (depending on the environmental conditions), the picture gets pretty clear of the environmental impact caused by them.

Plastic bag consumption-USA vs World

Every year around 500 billion – 1 trillion plastic bags are used all over the world, while USA is solely contributing a staggering 380 billion per year. These bags eventually find their way into the ocean, posing a serious health risk to the marine life. According to Global Citizen, around 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into oceans every year and this number is expected to triple in the next decade.

Recently, a pilot whale was found dead with 17 pounds of plastic in its stomach! Several birds and marine species have been gravely affected by plastic pollution. Horrific incidents like these are a wake-up call for the humankind.

US Cities Saying NO to Plastic Bags

Aimed at reducing the prevalence of plastic bags, state legislatures are considering several measures. The country, however, is undertaking a piecemeal approach in discouraging the use of plastic.

In 2014, the Golden State, a.k.a California became the first US state to institute a statewide single-use plastic bag ban. Soon other municipalities followed suit, including Austin, Seattle, and Chicago. Some cities, on the other hand, levied taxes on the use of plastic bags, like Washington DC and Dallas.

Recently, New Jersey has been drawing everybody’s attention with its claim of proposing the strictest regulations in the nation on single-use plastics. The proposal bans stores from using single-use plastics bags, plastic straws, and even food containers made of polystyrene.

You can check active bag legislation for your area or any other US state in this interactive map.

Reusable is Fashionable

Reusable bags are no longer just about being sustainable; they are equally functional and fashionable. Heading out with dull and unexciting eco-friendly bags is a thing of the past! The local shoppers are welcoming reusable bags with arms wide open not only to serve justice to nature but also to become a part of the popular culture.

Eco-fashion is gaining traction in the industry as celebrities like Emma Watson, Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow are adorning sustainable fashion. ‘Ditch plastic and go green’ is the motto of many celebrities.

Carrying eco-friendly bags makes a bold fashion statement! They are chic, elegant, and suit perfectly on any occasion. Be it weddings, events, shopping, gifting, or simply to bring out your uniqueness, there’s a perfect eco-friendly design for every moment.

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